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Grange News
Nov News from Mountain Laurel Pomona No. 15

By Dawn Anstett

  November 2, 2021 --

With so many of our Granges moving toward obligating new members and many of these new members also wanting to receive the Fifth Degree before State Session, Mountain Laurel Pomona held a Degree Day on Oct. 3. We met in the afternoon to confer the first four degrees, initiating 11 new members into the various lessons of the first four Degrees. A pasta supper was held between the Fourth and Fifth Degrees.

We appreciate all the members who dusted off their manuals and prepared to put on these Degrees. We could not have done it without you and a hearty welcome to all the new members. Don’t worry if you do not remember everything, there is far more to the Grange than its ritualism, but we hope that you have gained a better understanding of the values and principles we stand for.



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