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Simsbury Grange Supports Saving Meadowood; Right to Vote
  MARCH 31, 2021 --

Please join Simsbury Grange in supporting the RIGHT TO VOTE to protect land and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s legacy in Simsbury, Connecticut!

There is a historic chance to save the iconic land and historic barns (“Meadowood”) where young Martin Luther King, Jr. worked in the 1940’s. Simsbury voters can save this land and Civil Rights history for the public.

Simsbury Grange supports VOTING, and supports Meadowood for three reasons:

• Cultural heritage: Future generations can walk on and even work the same land as Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

• Natural heritage: Creatures great and small need connections between habitats, and this land links State land and McLean Game Refuge.

• Public access: Everyone is welcome to share in the past and connect to the future for health and healing.

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote and spoke fondly of his time in Simsbury. He attended services at First Congregational Church and dances at the Simsbury Grange.

Since 1931, “Our Cause is Our Community,” and we are proud to share in and protect Dr. King’s legacy. Like all Granges, we are non-partisan and non-denominational.

What is the alternative to conservation?

Without a vote, the contract and the grants will expire and the land will remain in private ownership. It will likely be developed eventually. It is approved currently for housing.

How will it be preserved?

The Trust for Public Land is helping Simsbury with more than half of the purchase price through grants and private donations. To complete the purchase, Simsbury voters need to be allowed to vote, and a majority would need to vote yes at referendum.

What can I do?

• Sign this petition. (https://ywyw.org). Donate.

• Email comments to the Town Clerk’s Office (EButler@simsbury-ct.gov) by 6:00pm on April 5.

• Sign up to address the Board of Finance live on April 6th by emailing the Town Manager’s Office (TFitzgerald@simsbury-ct.gov) by 6:00pm on April 5.

Share this and educate others about this historic opportunity.

Our way forward . . .

There are many competing demands, but this is a one-time opportunity of national significance. Protecting this land and our shared history is a visible way to express shared values.

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