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February 2018 News from Simsbury Grange No. 197

By Barbara Chapman

  February 8, 2018 --

Knife Skills Event Held at Simsbury Grange– Lela Waite 

On November 6th, Simsbury Grange held a very special event that put our large kitchen to good use. Michelle Mullin, our Steward and the Director of the Children’s Clubhouse of Simsbury, CT, sponsored a knife skills class. Twelve Grange members and friends joined Millwright’s Chef de Cuisine, Niles Talbot, for an evening of informative meal-prep.

Talbot led the group through the preparation of the popular French dish Lyonnaise potatoes. At its base, the recipe often consists of fried potatoes, onions, and parsley. Talbot spruced up the classic recipe by using other in-season produce, including shallots and sweet potatoes.

After quick, informative demonstrations, everyone got the opportunity to practice the chopping techniques on the produce. And at the end of the night, each member of the group went home with a meal’s worth of ready-to-cook vegetables and some sharp chopping techniques.

Under the instruction of Niles Talbot, it was a fun and informative evening at Simsbury Grange. Thank you to Michelle Mullin for organizing this event!



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